The Benefits Of Small Class Reductions For High School Students

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A small class most often is less than 20 kids in elementary school however in high school the number is a little larger (“Why Class”). Small class sizes prove vital for American public school students because these classes can promote individualized learning, provide students with one-on-one contact with their teacher, and improve students’ academic performance; a class reduction will promote overall success. Being successful in grade school can prepare students for future opportunities such as college and future jobs. Success will also help students achieve their life goals and will allow them to grow to meet their full potential. Small classes would also be an area for effective learning and help learners be the best student they can be. Students will be able to come out of their comfort zone and build healthy relationships with the instructors and other students. While in school, many students develop a unique study method that will help them excel in their education and throughout life. Classroom reductions help promote individual learning environments for students; theses environments will allow children to learn at their own pace, learn in a non- stressful environment, and in their own way. Granting learners, the ability to advance in the subject as they see fit helps students understand the information and rises their drive to learn (“Why It”). According to a study done at the University of Illinois, students that learned at their own pace enhanced their
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