The Benefits Of Solar Panels

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In the world today, we have found that we are using up a great deal of our energy resources such as oil and coal. It has also become evident that our alternate sources like natural gas are not suitable considering the safety hazards involved with them. With these ideas being considered, many people are opting to use renewable green energy resources. Green energy, although still controversial, is quickly becoming the new trend. Plus there are many options available to those who decide to go green, whether they use green roofs, high-efficiency lighting and windows, or even solar panels. One by one people are becoming aware that the benefits of these resources far outweigh its cons especially when it comes to solar panels and films. In order to understand the benefits of solar panels, we must first comprehend what exactly they are as well as how they work. For those who are not familiar with solar panels, solar panels are “forms of active solar power [which] harvest sunlight and actively convert it to electricity” (Cooler Planet 1). As for how they work, that becomes a bit more complex. In the article “How Much Could you save with Solar Panels,” Cooler Planet explains the inner workings of solar panels by stating that:
“Solar panels are made up of multiple individual solar cells, which act as large semi-conductors and utilize large-area p-n junction diodes. When the solar cells are exposed to sunlight, the p-n junction diodes convert the energy from sunlight into usable
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