The Benefits Of Standard English

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In today’s society, there are many reasons why people in the world need to know the fundamentals of using Standard English. When working in a business environment, we as employees need to know how to use Standard English to compete in the world and become successful. Many opportunities and rewards can come from learning how to use proper Standard English. There are many reasons why people should use Standard English in an office or workspace frequently, and using non-standard English can lead to many effects on your outlook as a professional.
First and foremost, the biggest factor is that first impressions matter even though some may argue that they don’t. The knowledge of Standard English allows people to communicate efficiently and makes people think very highly of the person at hand, in most cases throughout life people will not absolutely have to use proper Standard English but, our society should learn how to be able to switch on and switch off when they should and should not use Standard English. Non-Standard
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English can be used amongst friends or with close family because in some cases they will not expect it from you all the time throughout the weeks but, employees should never use Non-Standard English in a workplace or a formal situation. Using Standard English will earn a person a great deal of respect in a business place. Many will see an individual as a very professional worker and will lead to them getting promoted or offered higher opportunities.
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