The Benefits Of Teaching Sex Education In Public Schools

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If you could choose between a teacher teaching you about sex or your parents who would you choose? Now unless you have a weird relaionship with your parents or your not weirded out by your parents talking about sex then you probibliy would prefer to be taght by a teacher. In the public school system, it is pretty common for districts to teach a sex education class. These typically take place between 5th and 8th grades, though sometimes earlier and sometimes later. Some districts take a different approach, teaching a form of sex-ed to every grade, with corresponding age appropriate material. For example, a second grade class might learn about what to do if an adult is touching them inappropriately, while a high school class may learn how to put on a condom and the variety of birth control options that are available. While teaching sex education is seen as a good idea by most, there are some who do not approve of it being taught in schools. However, those who do not approve are failing to recognize the numerous benefits of teaching sex-ed to kids.Sex-Ed is a controversial topic, but reason dictates that it is a good idea to teach kids about sex. Sex-Ed is widely taught in U.S. schools – though some people don’t think it should be.Informed ChoicesThe fact is that a classroom is the only place that some kids will be offered accurate information about sex. Many parents make the mistake of not talking to their kids about sex, thinking it makes them less likely that they will
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