The Benefits Of Telehealth For Personal Healthcare Service

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Telehealth for personal healthcare service has been widely researched for last few decades in variety fields from a military use to a personal healthcare system. Moreover, the development of communication technology, integrated circuit (IC), and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), wearable technology provides easy accessibility and opens new application regime, such as Internet of things (IoT). In order to maximise the capability of telehealth system, researchers in various fields including computer science, medical science, and communication systems have collaborated cite{chakraborty2013review}. Although it seems like a simple combination of these modern technologies, but it is required for deep understanding of hardware, software, signal processing, and networking technology for the effective design in the actual building process. In this chapter, we provide the context of current state-of-the-art, its applications, and challenges on the current telehealth research as shown in Figure ef{fig:chapter2:overview}. Section 2.2 presents an overview of telehealth and its architecture with a detailed investigation of physiological sensing, data processing, data management, communication technique, and security. This is comparative studies of the existing technologies, techniques, and tools used in such system using qualitative comparison and use case analysis to give insight on the potential use of different techniques. Section 2.3 classifies the existing use of telehealth
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