The Benefits Of The Black Market

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Kryslin Cotton English 1301 Professor Cain 23 November 2016 Under Ground Kings: The Benefits of the Black Market Why is there over 120 thousand people waiting on an organ transplant? Why are there 44 million uninsured people in the United States alone? Why is it that 1 in 10 americans cannot afford their medical medications? All simply answered by the fact that it’s all too expensive. The poverty level, according to USDA 2015, in the United States for a family of four is $24 thousand. With so many conditions, cancers, and diseases, everyone should have equal health opportunity, but this is not the case. In turn, the population turns to alternative sources of help: such as the Black Market. The black market is basically any service or good in exchange for money that isn’t legal. According to Amy Fontinelle, author of “The Mechanics of the Black Market”, illegal operations could be as simple as “[…] bartering and not reporting the taxable value of the transaction, or hiring a regular housekeeper or babysitter, but failing to pay employment taxes (Fontinelle).” Black markets contort and falsify government records. Many people enter the world of black markets because they do not want to or are not able to acquire licenses for certain occupations due to governmental restrictions. Such as in New York, to become a licensed taxi driver, one must purchase a medallion which cost $600 thousand or more; they turn to black market alternatives until they are caught. In extenuating
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