The Benefits Of The Death Penalty

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Abstract- The death penalty has many benefits. Not only does it help victims and families but it also brings justice to everyone that has been harmed. The more we give life sentences instead of death sentences, the more crimes do go up. We need the death penalty to decrease crimes, protect people, and give people justice. The death penalty is not unequal, everyone who has committed a horrible crime has the same chance of getting the death penalty. Just like everyone has the same rights, no one is different. The death penalty has been a controversial topic for years. The death penalty has many people supporting it and some people opposing it. Therefore I am for the death penalty. The death penalty is only in 31 states, there are 19 states that don’t do the death penalty. There are many reasons why I believe we should do the death penalty should be used in every state, including closure for families and victims, it is not cruel, it acts as a deterrent and a lot more reasons. The death penalty helps provides closure for families and for victims. Even though families can not go back to the way they were before they lost their loved one, they do get closure when the murderer when they die (Retribution, 2017). It also helps the victims. It helps both victim and families to start healing and start moving on with their lives (Madiera, 2016). The death penalty is needed for families and victims, without it a lot of people won’t be able to have that closure and that feeling of

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