The Benefits Of The Health Care System

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The AAC provides services for men/women based on their individual's needs dealing with substance abuse and mental issues. In addition, AAC offers service not only for the individual, but family therapy, on-site intensive workshops, and individualized addiction plans. Equally important, the addition plans are customized, according to the individual’s seriousness of addiction coupled with the presences of co-occurring mental health disorder. Last, the programs offered are CARF Accredited facilities Research-based therapy services, such as 12-Step based Experienced, qualified staff with Co-Occurring care (Dual Diagnosis), and Wellness-focused therapeutic services. The referral system necessitates services through clinical evaluation…show more content…
For the most part, an the complimentary pre-admissions assessment determines the level of care needed for treatment. In addition, clients are involved in the development of their treatment plans, with a foundational perspective of a supportive atmosphere of dignity and respect. “To clarify, facts have shown that CODs associate with a compulsive substance abuse behavior and the severity of resistance of treatment are predictors of failure or underachievement” (Najt, Fusar-Poli, & Brambilla, 2011). The Cornerstone of Recovery is a fully licensed substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment center. Not to mention, providing services to treat addiction and co-occurring disorders, and offer customized programs and services focused on individualized treatment plans for every patient. Last, the Cornerstone of Recovery Center provides professional and caring services, with a passion for helping addicts, alcoholics, and their families. For the most part, arrangements are made through the A&O Unit, who completes the initial intake for individuals. Not to mention, the department coordinates evaluations and assessments, to orient patients to Cornerstone’s services and
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