The Benefits Of The Huff To Bluff Marathon

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Community Health Even Paper 1
Many communities come together for health events but not like Utah residents. Many runners from the four corners of the Navajo reservation to Texas, Oregon, Florida, and Nebraska come out to join the ‘Huff to Bluff Marathon.' Not only it is just a marathon but also a qualifier for the ‘Boston Marathon!' This marathon brings together not only the community but shows a rich diversity of cultures, race and environment all thanks to the locals and businesses in Bluff and Blanding, Utah, and commitment from Ryan Heck and Steve Hiatt both sole race directors.
The ‘Huff to Bluff' marathon is sponsored by the local businesses in Blanding and Bluff Utah. Such as ‘Twin Rocks Café, Cottonwood Steakhouse, Patio Drive Inn
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The race has sort of taken on a life of its own.
Even with the financial difficulty. One of the many runners last year quoted "last years' experience was life-changing for her." So many people contribute their time, energy and creativity. It is what keeps the race ongoing and consistent every year. One of my targets is for the proceeds from the race is to cover the expenses. A priority is the course runner safety and to do so is reasonably support them on the course and to provide a great running experience. "I also like the idea of contributing somewhat to the community by providing a health-promoting activity. And I really like the running community. I find them to be a friendly and appreciative people." (Heck, 2017.) With the understanding of the communities and who are living within the communities, the majority is Native Americans. Majority of the Navajo Nation, Natives are diagnosed with diabetes. They are 1.6 times higher in death rate and 110% increase is diagnosed 15-19 years of age on up. Showing and motivating them to come and contribute to the race will hopefully change their lives in some way to become better, healthier and motivated. Many of the young children are diagnosed and helping them would change their future in their culture and keep it strong and going.
In conclusion, the huff to bluff is nothing without the runners and dedication from the sponsors with the love and excitement! What I would have done differently I was
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