The Benefits Of Transgender People In Sports

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While the topic of gender has become a hot debate today in society, many people have doubts on whether or not transgender people should be allowed to play professional sports. More specifically, in the Olympics where recent changes in ruling have created various opinions on the topic. While there is great evidence for both sides of the argument, there is a physical advantage for transgender people in sports. There are both genetic structure advantages and hormone benefits that transgender athletes have over born athletes of their gender. The current rules in place were incorrectly made and has changed the Olympics future for the worse.
The Olympics have been around since the late 19th century and have alternated between winter and summer games every two years. Constant changes have been made over the years resulting in better competition and sometimes worse. One of the most recent and biggest changes has to do with the athletes participating in the games and the rules for who is able to participate. Michelle Castillo’s article, “Why Transgender Athletes Should be Allowed to Compete as the Gender of Their Choice”, discusses the previous ruling for transgender athletes in the Olympics and what they were required to do in order to compete. She states, “...the International Olympic Committee in 2004 allowed transgender athletes to compete in the gender they transitioned to. The athletes are required to complete surgical reassignment surgery and undergo at least two years of
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