The Benefits Of Uber

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Uber, which started their business in Hong Kong in the middle of 2014, has aroused an intense controversy currently. As they are now operated in more than 20 cities in Asia, their large expansion has made all taxi drivers affected places envious (Entrepreneurhk, n.d.). Because of their similarity in providing driving service, there is one after another protest by the local taxi drivers in those countries. Meanwhile, Uber is still not legalized in Hong Kong. Then, should it be legalized by the government? Based on its benefits, I strongly believe that it should be legalized in Hong Kong due to three reasons, to provide a higher-quality transportation service to customers, a substitute for drivers to work and facilitate healthy competition among…show more content…
Many licensed drivers would choose to drive it as their part-time occupation to earn extra income. For example, some senior drivers would choose to drive it to earn part-time income; it provides chance for them to work again freely based on their schedule. Also, Uber drivers enjoy higher flexibility in adjusting the fare that they can either offer a lower price by giving a discount or a higher price on public holidays and weekends (Rott, 2013). However, taxi drivers can only charge a fixed price; otherwise, they will receive complaints for overcharging. They can only earn more by driving more. Besides, Uber drivers enjoy high autonomy as they are not working as shift taxi drivers; instead, they can pick up passengers based on their free schedule. In other words, it is much less stressful to drive an Uber rather than a taxi (UberPeople, n.d.). Moreover, if Uber is legalized in Hong Kong, then its drivers are regarded as the employee, but not self-employed. In light of this, Uber needs to pay its drivers compensation for overtime and holiday working, which allows Uber drivers to earn more, then their income are secured and they are safeguarded by the law. Therefore, legalizing Uber should be advantageous to drivers in Hong
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