The Benefits Of Video Conferresance And Management In Technology

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In this article, it finds that due to the rapid technological development in the past years, the cost of the technology has reduced considerably. As a result, the increasing more enterprises and individuals can apply the advanced technology, video conferencing in particular. It promoted not only timely information sharing but also strengthened the collaborative relationship. Overall, it has significantly improved their efficiency in their collaboration and cooperation. Therefore, it is possible for them to make the close supervision and management in routine operation. Currently, companies still want to maximize video quality. With the continuous improvement of processing technology, as well as the emergence of new standard display…show more content…
With its strong financial strength and worldwide market, it can play an important in the global popularization of Cisco’s IX5000. In the application process, Cisco’s IX5000 does account for the significant position in Produban’s high-efficiency operation. Especially, it makes more efficient decision with broad participation of its employees. In other words, Produban minimizes its cost of ownership. In Produban, Cisco’s IX5000 reduces its TCO by 30% just in three years. For Produban, Cisco’s IX5000 systems can immediately grasp the market and win a competitive advantage. All participants from different regions can be connected to share content and learn from each other. It is possible to provide immediate information, increase the safety factor, and provide critical communication tools for various emergencies. It creates the more cohesive corporate culture and more stable organizational structure. It is the main reason for the full application of Cisco’s IX5000 within Produban. So, it creates the virtuous cycle. It allows Produban to invest more on Cisco’s IX5000 in all of this branches and offices. 1. It is mainly manifest in high performance and low threshold in installation. Its high performance such as three 4K Ultra HD cameras, theater-quality sound emanates.
So, it can eliminate the time and space differences, which will achieve remote communication and get rid of the cumbersome traditional
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