The Benefits Of Video Games Is A Waste Of Time

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Ever wonder why children start playing video games at such a young age? Most parents would argue that videogames are a waste of time, and that children are receiving no long term benefits. Some video games are designed to enhance motor skills that can help with real life situations. A few skills that can be strengthened are reaction time and social skills. Not only do video games enhance motor skills, they can also teach the player a little bit of lessons learned in schools depending on the game.Video games can become an essential part of fundamental developing.
Video games have been around for decades, and have made revolutionary strides.William Higinbotham an American physicist who created the “first nuclear bomb and also invented the very first video game Tennis for Two in 1958” (Tretkoff). Video games back then were at a basic start to see what game developers can do next. There are many video games that require certain skills such as reaction time. Racing games or any video game that requires driving can enhance the player’s reaction time and help defensive driving in real life. Many driving games such as Forza, Gran Turismo, and Grand Theft Auto can help with reaction time and driving skills. In Grand Theft Auto the gamer plays as a criminal and there are many car chase missions and the player has to maneuver through traffic, alleyways, and avoiding pedestrians all at the same time. These skills are essential and can help in real life driving situations such as stop
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