The Benefits Of Video Games

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What benefits those who play video games because of the problems they create? The benefits can range from the smallest things to the largest things. For example, the smallest things could be the idea of achievements in the games to the largest which are careers. Society should not worry about anything when it comes to video games. I would say video games are beneficial no matter the situation, however I will also agree they do create problems for society. Games are made to have fun. Whether many are playing board games, video games, or party games. Video games first started out in the 1900s, with the game “PONG”. From that point on, Video games have evolved in something amazing, but also into a problem. A lot of those in society say that videogames are the base of the problem towards children, and teenagers. Those problems would include that they are violent, expensive, and unneeded. They are correct that videogames are violent, expensive and unneeded, but they never look that actual benefits of it. From personal experience, I would say video games have kept me out of trouble, they made me manage my money to get what games i want, and they are also there to relieve stress. The other side of this equation exist, which are those who say video games are a problem. Many of the articles state that the problems of video games are violence, psychological, and loneliness. A lot of the research that i found seem to be outdated, however the research only applies partially. Those in
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