The Benefits and Challenges of Agile Methodology

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Agile methodology is a software development lifecycle which designed to produce faster development and high quality results compared with the traditional lifecycle. The Agile method focuses on incremental and iterative development where requirements, specifications, design, implementation, and testing continue throughout the project lifecycle (Nanthaamornphong, Morris, Rouson & Michelsen, 2013). Agile software development methods enable software developer to be more flexible and responsive to the changing environments and customer demands. However, Agile adoption comes with special challenges and fundamental organizational changes are necessary for successful outcome.
From our chosen case study, not all organizations are successfully adopting Agile methods and techniques in software development. For example, there are around 250 employees in Information Technology, Telecommunication and System Development division at the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). The government entity which had used traditional waterfall approach for many years and decided to adopt Agile development method – SCRUM. Government entity had hired a Agile expert as their consultant, the consultant analyzes current waterfall model project, conduct meetings with management and development teams, provide training -“introduction to Agile development of SCRUM" for 30 department employees from different levels and roles.
At the SCRUM phase, the team had encountered unexpected challenges which had resulted the
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