The Benefits and Dangers of Cell Phones Essay

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Cell Phone
One of the greatest inventions created in the modern world is the cell phone or is it not? The cell phone has been rapidly growing for many years. A cell phone is necessary and important. Using a cell phone to communicate with family, business and in emergency is an excellent way of communicating, but on the other hand, cell phone is a distraction. With the invention of the cell phone there have been both good and bad results, where people will always be a source of communication during emergency, while a cell phone usage has become the main source of car accident. According to a 2008 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 6000 are killed in cell phone related to accidents while driving. Cell phones have become a reason why millions of people disagreed with cell phone being banned while driving. But some people always need a source to communicate during emergency.
The most basic benefit of using cell phone for most of us is the convenience. Cell phones keep us keeping in touch with our love in any part of the world at any time. Cell phones allow you to conveniently make calls when you want and wherever you are (Moseley). For example, if a person goes into an area where there is not strong signal people can still leave a message or text to that person (Moseley). Cell phones allow people to look up for a restaurant without a phonebook people can still call the operator. If there is an accident the person can call for people for help. If…