The Benefits and Detriments of Advertisement

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There are several who believe that advertising is bad, opponents of advertisement state that it forces individuals to buy things that they do not actually need and persuades them to act in ways they normally would not. Corporate officials and supporters of advertising state that advertising is simply a positive method of exposing the general public to information and allowing the public to do what they please with the information. Advertising allows for free trade and prosperity, and is only detrimental to an individual if that individual allows it to be. For businesses and corporations, advertising is almost always positive; it provides the business with money and informs the general public of their product. For the consumer however, advertising can only have a negative effect if one allows it to. If the individual is well educated and can determine that they do not need a product or that a product is bad for them, then advertising cannot be harmful to them. During the twentieth century cigarette companies managed to make cigarettes look cool in their adverts, allowing them to market them to millions of people. Over time people in the United States became more educated about the harm cigarettes could do to your body, causing the cigarette market in America to decline. Developing “markets in Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, and Africa” failed to educate themselves, allowing the cigarette companies to once again create a booming business in those areas (Source B). The
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