Essay on The Benefits and Risks of Airbags

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The Benefits and Risks of Airbags In 1966, President Johnson signed the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety act. This act required the government to come up with new safety standards for motor vehicles. Four years or so later, in the 1970s, General Motors and Ford placed new airbags in small fleet cars (Moore). The concept of this new device was to totally inflate stopping the rapid forward motion of a person not wearing a seat belt before they would hit the dashboard or be thrown from a car during a crash. The airbags soon proved to be helpful, but in some cases they were still very dangerous (The Truth). Airbags, to me, are an important part of car safety; they saved my relatives lives. But, complications still arise from…show more content…
Air bags that are positioned towards the head or neck area can snap or stain the neck and head. Young children in the front seat have been thrown in the back seat due to airbag inflation. (The Truth). With all of these problems and negative effects of an airbag deploying, a person would think why are they even there if they are causing more of a risk than saving lives. Today, new airbags are being designed that are safer and if used properly the older airbags can be completely safe to most people. If all safety laws are observed and the airbags are positioned correctly, then an airbag is not dangerous at all. A seatbelt must be worn. Not only does it hold you in the correct position during a crash, it helps with sliding in turns and holding you in place during a sudden movement. It is also a law. If an airbag is aimed toward the chest area of a person then all force is applied to a strong bone structure, the ribs. And to protect children, if a child is under the age of 12 they should be placed in the back seat. New air bags are being tested to make them safer. Most air bags deploy when the car is his in speeds of six mph and up. Going six mph and having an airbag in your face is not necessary. New airbags are set to only go off in a crash while the car is going 18 mph and up. Less powered airbags are decreasing the amount of propellant and
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