The Benefits of Artifical Intelligence (AI)

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As said by Hussein H. Owaied “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study and research for locating relationships between psychology and computation theories in order to represent these relationships as either data structures, problem solving strategies or representation forms for knowledge and the final goal of AI is to build an intelligent machine, with another benefit which is better understanding of human thinking”. (Owaied, H. M. (2012, March). Other technologies could perform practical characteristics of human beings; however AI aims to realize uniquely human features such as voice, vision, aptitude, anticipation, creative thinking etc. Artificial intelligence brought drastic changes in Banking (ATM design, secure online banking), Medicine (cardiology neurology, embryology and other complex operations), as antivirus for computers, robotics (humanoids, mobile robots, manipulators), space work maintenance, satellite controls etc. The below present is an overview of possibilities with artificial intelligence. Conquering the weather: Meteorologists investigate huge volumes of information so as to predict the climate, and even the foremost knowing climate forecaster is inaccurate. Shortly, researchers are furthermore able to predict the climate higher by decoding AI computer code, which might scrutinize sophisticated information and location patterns mysterious to the human eye. One time this computer code sees a massive storm coming, it will automatically to warn

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