The Benefits of Bilingualism

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Language and culture diversity have always been an intercontinental barrier in the past. Now, many people have learned to acquire other languages for them to destroy that barrier and also maybe to appreciate and learn other cultures that may one day help them towards becoming universal citizens.
Some people have argued that these people, known as bilinguals, are tainting their respective cultures by learning a different language and learning other cultures. As a result, these bilinguals end up being discriminated in their own native country. They become emotionally separated from their countrymen who can only speak their native tongue, creating a rift in their community. Many other issues similar to this have sprouted over the years. It is
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“Developing global competence is a long-term undertaking and must begin at an early age, especially foreign language acquisition" (American Council on Education [ACE], 2002).
In order to become a true bilingual, you must have a balance in your linguistic capabilities. Research indicates that the study of a second language during a child's early years results in cognitive benefits in areas such as mental flexibility, creativity, deviating thinking and higher-order thinking skills. Foreign language study has also been shown to improve listening skills and memory. Bilinguals are often more focused than monolinguals and mentally decline slower, researchers say. It also enhances problem solving and analytical skills, allows better formation of concepts, increases visual-social abilities and furthers logical reasoning. In short, bilingual children are more adept at linguistic processing than monolinguals.
Bilingualism also helps to stimulate creativity, raise self-esteem, increase flexibility and adaptability, enhance interpersonal and social skills, and develop greater social sensitivity.
In this paper, the issues and benefits of bilingualism have been discussed, as well as the different kinds of bilinguality. The author has found out that even if becoming bilingual seems to be purely beneficial to one’s social,

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