The Benefits of Chain Stores Explained in In Virginia Postrel’s essay, In Praise of Chain Stores

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Every couple of months, I go to Trader Joe’s. I enjoy their organic products and the prices as well. Trader Joe’s is not in Augusta, but in Columbia, SC. I really like Trader Joe’s, and like me, consumers do not mind traveling far to their favorite chain stores. In Virginia Postrel’s essay, In Praise of Chain Stores, she lists the pros and cons of chain stores. I believe chain stores help the city of Augusta. Chain stores have turned Augusta into an exciting place by bringing many products to consumers, making visitors feel at home, and helping the economy. First of all, Chain stores give consumers an array an options. Postrel mentions in her essay, “Chain stores do more than bargain down prices from suppliers or divide fixed costs…show more content…
These stores bring the soldiers from different areas, by reminding them of their favorite stores. When my family came from New York, they talked about the food down here. One of the places that was mentioned was Huddle House. Huddle House is a diner that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner all day. Eating there reminded my cousin of growing up in Alabama. Being able to shop at chain stores, helps tourists enjoy their favorite product or food. Thirdly, chain stores help the economy. The author says that, “Chains let people in a city of 250,000 enjoy retail amenities once available to a huge metropolitan center.” Costco is a warehouse that has members like Sam’s Club. When Costco opened in Augusta in 2011, the community was excited. Selling discounted item like tires, cars, and bulk food items. Costco stays packed with customers. The Augusta Chronicle reported that by having a Costco in the area, people are traveling from Columbia, SC and other places that are much smaller than Augusta. The Augusta Chronicle also reported that a Costco employee earns twelve dollars an hour. This is great with minimum wage being seven dollars and twenty-five cents an hour. Chain stores usually are very popular and keep customers coming back. The more people that shop, the more employees need to be hired. Jobs are created when these big retail stores open. Discounts are given to employees which can benefit both parties. In conclusion,
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