The Benefits of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing offers educational institute and others, low cost option for using all the benefits of modern computers. The era of cloud computing, completely changes the way information technology are designed, positioned, updated and maintained. Now a day’s computers are becomes more powerful and per unit cost of computing falls rapidly (Alam.M, 2013,p 20). But on other hand computers become more widespread among organizations and, large numbers of computer outcomes complex infrastructure. Due to complexity, there are many maintenance and security an issue arises, that make it expensive to handle. The major cost for any educational institute when it comes to modernization is IT infrastructure, to handle that infrastructure highly skilled man power needed. That is expensive and also not advisable for every institute to implement it. Cloud Computing opens wide door for this, it not only revives educational institute from burden of handling complex infrastructure but also help them to reduces maintenance activity. There are many venders which are offering special cloud base service to school for much cheaper rate; school has to pay only the services they use. No additional cost of equipment or no special IT Teams needed. Which will eventually leads to huge cost of savings, from this government and private institute can also benefit. The advantage of this is same curriculum and educational material can be available for top ranked university to poorly funded government
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