The Benefits of College and Opportunity Cost

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By definition, opportunity cost is what one forfeits in order to pursue something else. A big decision of life that exemplifies the exact definition of opportunity cost is when teenagers go to college. Instead of getting a job at a low level right out of high school, many of todays concerned teens are giving up their ability to immediately labor for income and instead go straight to college in hopes of obtaining a higher level occupation. The concerning question on the mind of unknowing newcomers to the real world is, however, if college is all that it’s built up to be. The fact is, if you look at attending college in the long run, the ability to conceal a high paying job by the time of graduating is very high, making the opportunity cost very worth it.
There are a plethora of people who will tell you college is in fact not worth the supposed wasting away of your money because you will never be able to compete with the rising cost of student loans that have plagued the recent population of higher learners. This is true if you only look at things though a very small spectrum. Sure, the economy might not be at the best it’s ever been, but another concept of economics that needs to be acknowledged is the business cycle. The business cycle is a very solid theory that…
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