The Benefits of Daycare Centers

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The daycare centers are overrated Outline of the Speech 1.The daycare centers a.The purpose of day care centers b.Types of daycare centers 2.Why day care centers are a need? 3.Are day care centers regulated? 4.Why not to trust day care centers? 5.The alternate solutions a.Attending baby at home b.Availing workplace child care c.Leaving the child with grand parents 6.Why the mom should stay home? 7.Conclusion THE DAYCARE CENTERS The day care center is a facility that takes care of child during the day. The care taker or the baby sitter is a person authorized to be a guardian. The day care facility is offered by someone not in the family. The day care can be of two types; for-profit and not-for-profit day care centers. Mostly the working women avail the facility so that the child is taken care of when they are working in the office. The day care may or may not offer formal education. The day care centers are heavily relied since the working women are increasing in number. Yet these mothers complain about the facilities offered. Should the day care centers not be trusted, should they be more tightly regulated or left independent. The mothers have a strong say and need to make critical decision. WHY DAY CARE CENTERS ARE A NEED? The increasing economic pressure on the families, unemployment and increasing needs of life has pushed the woman deep into economic market and she finds it hard to take care of child while work. Thus, the day care center often seems
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