The Benefits of Educational Values

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The view of school was more considered a daycare meant for children, to be dropped off at 8am and then picked up at 3pm. Teachers would inform the students that they’re preparing us for the future. I partially understood what it meant because everything we learned was repetitive, boring and seem so distant from what I wanted to achieve. At the time I wanted to become a doctor and everything taught wasn't related to it. Until the thought of college anchored my mind in high school, everyone was getting good grades just to attend college and Universities so soon enough, I sat down with my advisor and thats the moment when I understood why education is vital to our growth. My advisor said “education opens your eyes to a wider world, it also gives opportunities for a brighter future. Without education there will no progress in any field of growth like medicine, engineering, it will all remain the same for centuries.” Along the way up the educational ladder, attending college revolutionized my view on education. Not only was it just meant for the greater welfare of a person but it affects us as a whole by having a potential for economic gain and new discoveries. Not all educational growth happens in an academic environment, some may be learned through…
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