The Benefits of Genetic Testing

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Genetic testing can potentially alter someone’s life and future generations forever by analyzing DNA, RNA, and proteins and subsequently discovering prospective diseases and related problems. While the technology is young and expanding, genetic testing creates a positive future for medicine and people’s everyday life. While many view genetic testing as a route to human gene alteration and the creation of “designer babies”, one of the largest benefits of the technology lies in its ability to show the probability of diseases and disorders. Early-detection can significantly alter a person’s daily habits and improve their lifestyle quality. For example, a person who learns of a high risk of heart disease may be provoked to make changes in his/her eating and exercise habits—considerably reducing his/her risk for heart disease. Nelson, M.D., and a part of Center’s Human Biology Division shared that the five-year survival rate for early-detection breast cancer patients was eighty-five to ninety percent, while it was only twenty-two percent in patients whose cancer had time to spread to other organs by the time it was detected (qtd. in “Paul Allen Foundation Funds early-detection project”). Finding substantial cures for health issues today is an arduous and costly process; preventative methods like genetic testing are extremely vital in helping individuals attain healthier lives. A popular form of genetic testing involves testing embryos and eggs in order to inform parents of
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