The Benefits of Green Technolgy

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The Benefits of Green Technology on Society Yolanda Moody Computer Literacy 103 Nancy Elelko May 9, 2011 The Benefits of Green Technology on Society Over the last decade there has been a major push with the concern over the environment and its effects on climate change. The changes to the environment are blamed on the rise in human population, these changes ultimately led to the establishment of the “green revolution.” “Climate change concerns and an increased international awareness to protect the environment have made adoption of green practices a priority” (Communications Today, July, 2010). Green technology basically is technology that is environmentally friendly and is made and used in a way that uses fewer natural…show more content…
of Energy, Dec. 12, 2010). Some of these uses include agriculture drainage, waste water treatment plants, gray water and industrial effluence water. The use of these water sources could benefit the environment by increasing the salinity of other natural resources. Removing harmful pathogen from gray water, and removing excessive ground water saturation from rain and agricultural runoff could save millions of gallons of water annually. Gray water is the water from bath water, laundry, showers etc…, which ultimately turns into black water which is sewer water. “The US Army at Fort Carson has created a successful and award-winning water conservation program through a series of initiatives that avoid using portable water (US Department of Energy, August, 2009).” The program at Carson reuses and recycles waste water, effluent water and water from washed vehicles, this project saves Carson around 300 million gallons of water annually ( US Dept. of Energy, Aug. 2009). The increase in water use annually and climatic changes that cause the overflow of sewers to release increased amounts of pollution into the water systems, and aging infrastructure must be addressed immediately if we are to conserve our natural resources. The need for portable water has increased significantly and these changes need to be met to compete with the demand. You can do simple things to help to reduce the amount of

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