The Benefits of Groupwork Tools

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Groupwork tools have revolutionized the way teams collaborate, and it is almost impossible to imagine workflow without them. I feel this way, and so do most of the people I know who use cloud-based computing options. Even the most basic type of tools for collaboration such as Dropbox has made sharing information and ideas easier. I use Dropbox to share everything from photos to memos, and Dropbox is only a file folder, and not a true suite of collaborative software interface. Actual collaborative software adds a whole new dimension to the way we work, facilitating most aspects of the creative and productivity processes. Of course, solo workers find no purpose in collaborative software but still appreciate the functionality of Dropbox. Even social media websites offer the sense of collaboration within a shared online environment; social media spaces are shared and interactive but they do not allow the powerful types of productivity or collaborative creativity that other options offer. The only real drawback that I have noticed so far with collaborative software system is connectivity issues. When one member of the group is having connectivity problems (such as slow upload/download speeds; or spotty Internet in general) then that person is cut off from the group. It can be incredibly frustrating for that individual person but also for the group, who might be counting on that individual. Collaborative tools presume that all users share a similar hardware and network
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