The Benefits of Having a Greenhouse Essay

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The Benefits of Having a Greenhouse There are many benefits of having a greenhouse or growing space attached to the average family home. A well-built greenhouse can utilize solar power in such a way that it becomes a positive addition to the household in every way. Greenhouses present an opportunity for everyone to be able to grow some of their own food, save electricity, gain practical experience, and soothe their mind and body. Throughout history gardens have served as a food source for families. Collecting and preserving the summer harvest provided a large part of the food for families all over the world. The nutrients contained in vegetables and fruit are very important for good health, and can enrich financially…show more content…
Vegetables can be started early for the summer season and transplanted outside soon after the last frost. In areas with harsh climates, having a greenhouse allows much greater flexibility when choosing which plants to grow. Tropical plants, such as fruit trees, that would not be able to survive outdoors in cold climates can be grown easily. There are many benefits to having a solar greenhouse in the house. The greenhouse itself can reduce heating costs up to thirty percent (Agriculture Canada), and can potentially decrease the amount of electricity spent on lighting. With a good circulatory system the air from the greenhouse can be spread throughout the house, and bring humidity and oxygen rich air with it (Agriculture Canada). The greenhouse also provides many other opportunities for passive heating or energy collection for the entire house. The plants in the garden will provide the house with enough vegetables and fresh spices to drastically reduce food-shopping bills. The pleasure of having fresh flowers in the house, and a lush greenhouse environment so close only adds to the benefits of having a greenhouse within the house. Another possible use for a greenhouse space attached to the house would be to set up a living machine to break down waste. A living machine is a series of tanks that contain water, plants, fish, and invertebrates to breakdown organic matter naturally. The
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