The Benefits of Higher Education Essay

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Higher education in the United States arose as an answer to the need to train clergy for the seminary. Throughout the centuries, higher education has evolved to become one of the principal means in educating individuals in specific areas of study. Individuals seek higher education to become more proficient in a particular occupation, area of study, or as a requisite for employment or advancement in specific fields such as engineering, management, or the sciences. The benefits that individuals who attend institutions of higher learning realize are more than education; the benefits are numerous and consist of socioeconomic benefits as well as personal benefits for the scholar, including income benefits, employment advantages as well as…show more content…
These benefits affect local institutions that depend on volunteers to operate such as food and homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, local Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs, as well as various other charities who rely on volunteers. Moreover, the more individuals who vote influence the overall government and its policies, supporting the ideology of our founding fathers. Government is a reflection of the will of a greater number of citizens, and individuals with more education vote more often than less educated persons, therefore, educating society as a whole improves a democratic form of government.
In addition to the above-mentioned social benefits, one may also note that higher education also contributes to the creation, development, and operation of public institutions. While discussing non-market private and social benefits of higher education, Walter W. McMahon, in his report “Advancing Higher Education,” states, “…they likely contribute more than proportionately to the development of civic institutions, democratic institutions, and rule of law. These benefits in turn set the stage for substantial economic growth” (McMahon, Advancing). He goes on to state, “Civil institutions are built, new ideas are generated, and environmental conditions are put in place such as lower state crime, welfare, health and incarceration costs that
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