The Benefits of Hydroelectric Energy Essay

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Hydroelectric Energy

What is Hydroelectric energy?
Hydroelectric is a form of energy it is a renewable resource. Hydroelectricity is the most important and widely used renewable source of energy. Hydroelectric relies on water, which is clean and renewable energy source. Renewable energy comes from natural resources. Non-Renewable energy source includes coal, oil and natural gas. Water is renewable because water continually recycles itself. To harness energy from flowing water, the water must be controlled; a large reservoir is created, usually by damming a river to create an artificial lake or reservoir. Water is channeled through tunnels in the dam. The energy of water flowing through the dam causes the turbines to turn and make the generators move which will produce electricity. Hydro power is the process of changing the kinetic energy of flowing water in a river into electrical power. Hydroelectricity comes from a Greek word for water. Hydroelectric power provides 96% of the renewable energy in the United States. Hydroelectric power plants do not use up resources to create electricity neither do they pollute anything. Although fossil fuels and nuclear power plants produce most of the energy in the United States, hydroelectricity provides 7 percent of total power. Hydroelectric power comes from flowing water runoff from lakes etc. The most common type of hydroelectric power plant is a dam on a river to store water in a reservoir. Hydroelectric energy has been in use for…