The Benefits of Immigrants in the United States

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In the article by Hansen it looks at how it is not right for the U.S. to try to keep all of these people out and that they could help fill the jobs that no one wants but there are groups out there that will try to keep them out. The article looks at how there is a more humane option for the government to look at that would allow guest workers to remain in the country temporarily. This could eventually allow them a way to get citizenship if they want to stay in the country. This view provides at little recognition for those people who believe that it could mess up America’s culture. This is a more humane route and it is morally right. It also represents an effort for a good solution to the externalities of the open borders that people believe in, as opposed to the people who believes in a closed border type of plan. In the article titled “An Exchange: The Morality of Immigration” argues that it is wrong to constrain immigrants but at the same time they try to understand the constraints that justice imposes on immigration policy. There is also that factor that not a lot of people look at the fact that earth does not belong to one person but it belongs to everyone. One of the authors goes on to look at the population density statistics that could provide evidence that the United States is not using up all of their resources and that everything is under control. This should make people believe that there is nothing wrong with illegal immigration. It is the right thing to
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