The Benefits of Implementing Corporate Social Responsibilities by a Brazilian Bank

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Due to competitive environment in market, CSR perspectives are vital in a company strategy. A lot of research has been made on on corporate social responsibilities of a bank, but still there is a lot more to explore.
Trustworthiness between bank and customer is very important for strengthening of an organizational brand. General view is that banks invest money for their benefit, but actually they are the brand treasured most in the society.
This research article will explain corporate social responsibilities of a Brazilian bank, Banco do Brasil (BB), and will explain how these responsibilities provide advantage to the organization. Banco do brasil is a mixed economy bank i.e both public and private. It is the first bank of Brazil and now its the largest bank in brazil with high market shares. It has almost 57000 branches scattered throughout the country. Its target is to serve all the cities of Brazil. It is one of the most valued brands of the country. Many bank activities are performed in association with local banks.
The primary source of data for research is interviews with bank executives. To confirm information collected by primary data, some documents published by banks were used as secondary data. The interviews were recorded and important points were collected. The whole research can be divided into three steps. First is general description of…
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