The Benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications

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In today's multi-media world driven by computer and Internet technologies, communications has changed drastically. Today's communications landscape is a multitude of media and tools wherein messages can be communicated in real time, making message reception and sending occur almost simultaneously, within a period of seconds or even milliseconds. Thus, the communications landscape has become a dynamic realm wherein people from different parts of the world can communicate and share information instantaneously. It is in this context that integrated marketing communications thrives and flourishes in the fields of marketing studies and strategic planning today. Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is the synergistic combination of different media and communication tools, developing a marketing program that aims to reach target consumers most effectively and efficiently. It involves development of different marketing strategies such as advertising campaigns, public relations, and sales promotion, among many others. Through the above-mentioned marketing strategies, IMC can implement "pull" and "push" promotion strategies. Push strategies include promotions that are directed to consumers, "pushing" them to subscribe or buy a specific product, service, and in the case of information technology, solutions to technical challenges or problems. Advertisements through traditional media such as television, radio, and print are examples of push promotional strategies. Pull strategies,
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