The Benefits of Java Scripting

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Java Scripting Introduction Internet provision and internet business is the basis for future national economic development. Thus we also have to appreciate that "these are not simply paradigms about technological change, but have the impact in the constructions of its values and its self-conception." (Miller; Slater, 2000) The changes in the information technology caused by the growth of the internet technology has brought together the multiple forms for communication - oral, writing, print, television, e-mail all in one browser with a multi-directional flow of information that has made the internet very complex. (Burnett; Marshall, 2002) In such a situation the need for creating browser scripts arose which resulted in many scripts being released for various browsers. Thus it is with the context of cyberspace, where the cyberspace is one name for the technological banding together of a wide array of networks link, databases and many things and hence the interactivity that can be provided comes to the fore. (Whittaker, 2004) Basically Java and Java Scripts are used to provide this interactivity to the client at their end--the browser. Java Script is a programming language that can be used to create dynamic, interactive web pages that have capabilities in event handling, and parsing with XML, and other scripts. In other words the Java Script makes the browser more versatile and dynamic. (Powell; Schneider, 2004) In case of the script, it is inbuilt or embedded into the
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