The Benefits of Marble

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Marble has been used in the past and is still being used in the present. There are more applications of marble today since there is a great advancement of technology compared to before. In the past, many countries and civilizations used marble for construction of its famous landmarks and buildings. These include ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the United States of America, India, and many more. It is used vastly in architecture and brilliant works of art (Many, 2014). Now, marble is used extensively in agriculture. There are a very few rocks that have the utility of marble. It is abundant in many parts of the world and its price varies depending on the quality. In all, marble is valuable to the world. In ancient Greece, marble is difficult to obtain but well worth the effort. The tools used by workers were only an iron wedge and hammer. The process involved getting the piece of marble small and manageable enough to be transferred by cart to a mason’s workplace. In addition with the cart, marble slabs require strenuous effort extracting from the quarry using levers, pulleys, and ropes (Witskowski, 2014). The marble was used for sculptures and architecture is white. A famous collection, the Elgin Marbles include marble sculptures and structures that were built in ancient Greece. The collection is now in a museum in London, England., and known as the Parthenon Sculptures. These sculptures were removed from Athens and shipped to England under the command of Thomas Bruce, the
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