The Benefits of Medical Marijuana Essay

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Medical marijuana would have been helpful to my family-if it had been legalized in the state of Nebraska. Why is marijuana not legal in the state of Nebraska if it has been proven to help others in other states? The benefits of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes outweigh the cons. Many other states have recognised the benefits of legalizing medicinal marijuana. Marijuana has been proven to help conditions such as cancer, seizures and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (A.D.H.D). Medical Marijuana is also proven to be safer than the use of prescription drugs. In the past 17 years, several states have recognized the benefits of legalizing the medicinal use of marijuana; California was the first state among the twenty to do so. …show more content…
However the amount that California has set exceeds the amount of personal use that could lead to the abuse of marijuana despite the benefits. Despite the laws on medical marijuana in California, I believe that 4 ounces with in your possession if sufficient amount to fulfill your personal needs. The legalization of medical marijuana in California has set a guideline for other states to base their laws on. If you own marijuana plants in California it is voluntary if you want to register your plants, but must pay a fee set at, $66 in Non-Medi California and $33 In Medi California.1 The fee also varies depending on where you live in California. The state benefits by putting a cost on marijuana. Under certain conditions, are you allowed to have more than the legal amount, and that is only if you have been authorized to do so. In other words, if someone needed to possess more than the state statute allows, all they would have to do is prove they qualify as a special circumstance. To legally use or possess marijuana you must be a resident of the state of California. The state of California does not recognize other states ID cards. For example if you are from Colorado and have an ID card to legally use marijuana, that card is not recognized in the
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