The Benefits of Moore's Law

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Nowadays people do not see them very often anymore. Then a couple of years later, I used my thumb-sized flash drive, as known as USB or thumb drive, to save documents. Compared to floppy disks, flash drives are smaller and handier to carry. Floppy disks usually have about 1.4 MB of memory so it was inconvenient to save many pictures or documents on them. Document size will vary but considering full two pages have 20KB, floppy disks can only carry five to six documents. On the other hand, flash drives now days usually have more memory of 4GB, which allows much more space to keep documents or even videos or pictures. Development of technology has brought us a much more comfortable and convenient life by providing smaller devices with larger memory. All of these conveniences would be impossible without Moore’s Law.
Shah asserts, “Moore's Law is based on a theory that was announced in 1965 that the number of transistors that can be placed on silicon doubles every two years, which brings more features on chips and provides speed boosts (Shah).” The law basically says that the size of transistors will get smaller but there will be bigger memory by every twenty four months. Moore’s Law enable us to have smartphones in our hands and personal laptops with good performance. While the number of transistor chips are getting bigger, the price will decrease at the same time. 30…
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