The Benefits of Nursing Homes Essay

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In the early twentieth century, what we now call nursing homes did not exist. If elderly citizens had nowhere else to go, they were sent to live in rundown poor farms. On August 14, 1935 President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, which provided matching grants to each state for Old Age Assistance (OAA). This in turn set in motion the opening of private homes that allowed people to live in a care facility and collect the OAA payments as well. It was not until the 1950’s when nursing homes started developing into the facilities most of us are familiar with today. It was then that nursing homes were required to follow state set standards for licensing and some even received Federal grants if they possessed a hospital like…show more content…
During her stay, we witnessed firsthand all of the fun activities that take place in the home. In the United States, there are 17,000 elderly care facilities in which 1.6 million people reside in (PBS, 2012). Even though there are one bed private bedrooms available in most homes, they tend to be a bit on the expensive side and so most have to settle for staying in public rooms of up to four beds. This can give people the impression that nursing homes are overcrowded and that it can result in a greater risk of neglect and lack of privacy for their loved ones. As a person grows older, there is a higher possibility of becoming ill. At an old age where it’s hard to take care of yourself, it is very important to be around people who can do the job for you. Nursing homes are filled with highly trained doctors and nurses that can give seniors the medical treatments that are needed. Almost all nursing homes, including the Four Seasons, provide health services like physical therapy and round the clock nurse to their residents. This ensures that if there is any medical attention needed at any time of day, it will be administered right away with no need to wait for ambulances or in emergency rooms to be attended. With crowded facilities, as stated above, the risks of medical errors are high. According to Marshall B. Kapp, “a substantial amount of drugs are ordered and dispensed daily in this [nursing home] setting” (2003). Most would agree that

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