Essay on The Benefits of Organic Produce

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Each day Americans consume untold quantities of pesticides and other chemical additives in the foods we eat. Currently all consumers have only one choice to limit exposure to pesticides in their food: to buy organically farmed food. I realize that organic foods are more expensive than commercially farmed foods. However, one can offset the higher cost of organics by growing his or her own vegetables. Not only that, the consumer would benefit by knowing which products have the highest levels of pesticides and buy them organic instead. Organic food is not treated or grown with dangerous pesticides; it is environmentally friendly and helpful to the local economy. Before World War II, all farming done in the United States was what we now…show more content…
We know that there are higher incidences of birth defects, asthma, and neurological disorders by farm workers than the general population. It is safe to assume that the daily exposure to these chemicals play a significant role in their health problems. There are more cases of childhood asthma, ADHD, and neurological disorders that pesticides played a key role in creating. One study confirms there is a link between pesticides and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. This study by Theo Colburn states: “The U.S. EPA currently requires chronic toxicity studies, but it is locked into using high doses to elicit effects and has not overcome the difficulty of detecting effects from chronic or ambient exposure or low doses (15).” However, as consumers, we do not ingest large doses of pesticides, but we do ingest numerous pesticides daily. Yet, there are few studies showing the cumulative effects of pesticide exposure. Consumers are becoming more aware of the dangers that pesticide consumption has to their health and are taking steps to protect themselves. The first step in controlling the pesticide and chemical toxin problem is to eliminate them from the foods we eat. This is why I choose to

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