The Benefits of Outdoor Play

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The Benefits of Outdoor Play Within this assignment I will explain the value of outdoor play experiences on children’s development then outline my settings current outdoor play provisions and examples of good practice within them. I will suggest areas for improvement in my settings outdoor play provision before moving onto outlining my setting’s current use of Welsh language within the outdoor area. I will then suggest areas for improvement in the use of Welsh language within the outdoor area including some activity ideas. Outdoor play is a vital part of a child’s development and should be used within childcare settings and schools as much as possible. According to Nicole Therlin for, in the article ‘The Importance of…show more content…
Bats, balls and Frisbees are readily available for the children to use to develop their throwing, catching and kicking skills, as well as hand-eye co-ordination, social skills and problem solving skills. Another activity which is encouraged is bubble play – developing the children’s early catching and hand-eye co-ordination skills and allowing the children to run around after the bubbles. Craft activities are regularly set up within this outdoor area. On sunny days water is used for the children to paint with and observe the sun evaporating the pictures. Chalks are also used for the children to use their early mark making and emergent writing skills on the paving slabs. Spray painting is another activity used in the outdoor area using small trigger spray bottles with watery paint inside. Large pieces of paper are stuck to the walls and fences for the children to observe the effects of the spray on the paper. There are also moveable sand and water trays for the children to use their manipulation and sensory skills within both the indoor and outdoor areas. During dry sunny weather paddling pools are set up for the children to enjoy getting wet and splashing in. The children learn turn taking skills and social skills during this type of activity. Also during dry spells the parachute is used in this area to encourage listening skills and skills such as shaking, moving, taking turns, lifting and lowering
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