The Benefits of Photography

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Photography effects journalism with three important ways. They are news in newspapers, social media, and TV news.
Photographs usually use in newspaper news. It makes news more believable. Photography has an effective way which underlines the importance of visuality. Rene Magritte informs that "Thought is what sees and can be described visually.” If there is a good photo in newspapers, and it is relevant to the news, it can increase the sales of newspapers. Usually people make their first impression by looking the photos first, and then they decide to start to read the article. It increases interest of people in the news in the newspaper.
Photography is also used in social media. People, who use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. often, load their photos to social media. It is generally done to share their photos and what he/she lives with friends and other people. Social media not only use in personal usage, but also in community events.
Photography can be used in TV news. If in breaking news, TV channels do not have any video record, they use photos to inform viepeoplers about what happened. Although in some cases, TV channels do not have publishing rights such as football matches or conferences of two presidents they use photos of the match or conference.
Second important benefit of photography is benefit in advertising. Companies use photos to impact on people. There is some using…
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