The Benefits of Positive Peer Pressure Essay

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What is peer pressure? Peer pressure is when someone or a group of people influences or encourages others to do things they typically wouldn’t do or tries to change people’s attitude, values or behavior towards something. How many times have we heard the word “peer pressure” and think or assumed it would be about something negative or in terms of being “bad”? I had a class assignment where all the students were asked to come up with topics on peer pressure. I was surprised to see that all but one had chosen topics on alcohol, sex, drugs, and smoking which are all examples of negative thoughts directed at peer pressure. There is, however, another side of peer pressure my classmates didn’t think about and we might not hear of it…show more content…
She began to behave well and eventually did well in class. As we see, ours peers can pressure us or boost us to do the right things. It seems that we live up to the standards we believe are set by the “norm” of the average peers around us. Peer pressure can also lead us to learn new and exciting things we have never done before or had the courage to do. When we go to college for the first time, we will meet a variety of people that may try to pressure us to get involved in school clubs. For example, when I first joined the Future Teacher Club, I met people that changed my attitude towards teaching older students. I wasn’t interested in teaching older students at first, but I finally realized I enjoyed it more than teaching younger students. By learning new things, this isn’t “bad” peer pressure but a positive experience or influence in our life. Peer pressure happens in our everyday life and can also come in the form of encouragement. When I was a teacher’s assistant, my coworker realized my potential and began constantly encouraging me to go to college to get a teaching degree. At first I made excuses, and then finally realized I could find the time to go to college by taking online or night classes. Without the encouragement of my coworker, I would have never gone to college. Peer pressure is extremely hard to avoid but it
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