The Benefits of Regulating Now-Illegal Drugs

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It’s 2014 and America is still wasting its money and resources. Drugs. Illegal Drugs to be more specific. The emotions that this simple word initiates in many people are so real that it has become a major focus in our culture. It seems as if everyone has their own opinion on the topic of drugs; negative, positive or perhaps neither. Who is to say which is right? Most opinions towards drugs are not without bias, and most were formed from pre-existing experiences and beliefs. People who don’t use recreational drugs don’t do so because of the health risks; people who do use drugs would whether or not they are legal. Right now drugs are looked at like a forbidden fruit not meant to be tried unless you are ready to face the outcome, but why are they looked at in this way? Some drugs are illegal largely for historical or political reasons and there is little or no evidence of their abuse or of any use at all. Peyote as an example has no record of significant abuse, and krokodil is virtually unknown in the States. The government needs to regulate sales on some of these drugs and place a tax on them to terminate the organized crime element of illegal drug sales. The United States is worried that regulating drugs will cause a sharp rise in drug use and abuse, however no statistics stating this is true have been released. The fact that they are illegal makes little difference. Nevertheless, $15,000,000,000 goes into drug prohibition every year, and has very little effect. From

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