The Benefits of Responsible Human Cloning Essay

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The Benefits of Responsible Human Cloning On an unremarkable afternoon in July of 1996, in an unremarkable shed in Scotland, a lamb was born. This lamb was to spark a controversy that would be one of the defining arguments of this era. This lamb, simply named "Dolly" (after Dolly Parton in reference to the mammary cell used as the donor), was the first clone to be born using specialized cells from an adult mammal. The fact that the lamb was cloned from these specialized cells - such as muscle cells, liver cells, or mammary cells - is what made this discovery of such importance. Before this, scientists had thought that these cells had lost their ability to grow into a new embryo. They had already cloned embryos, but this…show more content…
Thousands of lives could be saved. In recent months, the story of this event has swamped the news media. Although many opinions have been expressed, finding anyone who is stating the facts of the issue and not just venting his fears and misconceptions has become extremely difficult. I n fact, despite the enormous controversy surrounding the science, many benefits exist for mankind because of its discovery, and the continued support for the advancement of the science far outweighs any disadvantages that may arise. We cannot afford to l et our emotional biases deter us from allowing this research to continue. To better understand why this is, one must look at the arguments and misconceptions most commonly associated with those opposed to cloning. Cloning is immoral. As the procedure stands now, the cloning of humans is immoral. The procedure used has a low success rate and disfiguration and death is not uncommon, but that is because it has only been developed to be used on animals, with which these types of losse s are far more acceptable. All reasonable scientists agree that the process should not even be attempted until the process is refined to meet acceptable success rates and that those higher success rates will be feasible in the near future.
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