The Benefits of School Uniforms

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The benefits of school uniforms are countless. Uniforms can help eliminate peer pressure among students and can also help students and parents save time and money. Violence can also be greatly reduced simply by wearing school uniforms. Although the wearing of uniforms has been widely practiced throughout European, African, and South American public schools, the practice has primarily been within private schools systems throughout the United States until recently (West). All public schools should be required to wear uniforms in order to promote a better all-around environment for students and administration alike.
Students have a desire to “fit in”. They feel the need to be accepted by their peers. Fashion is one of the most important
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Media coverage about nationwide school epidemics, in which assaults on teachers are frequent and students are routinely killed over designer clothing, have been constant over the past few years (Wilkins). School uniforms produce harmony within the walls of a school. When students and administration dress alike, it is very easy to spot outsiders. Because they are not dressed in uniform, it is immediately known that they do not belong there. It also diminishes gang related violence and
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