The Benefits of School Unifroms Essay

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Is it necessary to buy new clothes each month to keep up with the trends? Would it be easier if you knew exactly what you have to wear every morning? It would be if schools required uniforms

School uniforms are a great help to students in many ways. Uniforms help to prevent bullying and harassment, save money for parents, and kids won’t have to worry if what they are wearing follows the dress code.
School uniforms have recently become more popular in modern times because it help children focus on their schoolwork without the distraction of whether or not their clothes are cool enough. Kids want to fit in with the popular crowd, and by having “cool” and “in-style” clothing, they feel more validation from their peers. Meanwhile, their
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This saves money for the parent and in turn, helps the child stay focused on school. Students will try to wear things that might not be necessary, or even a waste of money. They might try to wear hats and jewelry, which they do not need to perform in school. Excess jewelry and accessories are just another distraction for students. Sure, uniforms may be expensive for parents to buy at first, but think about all the money that they will save throughout the school year, not buying new clothes for their kids every month. Schools will be able to sell the uniforms directly to the kids and be able to make money that will in turn help benefit other programs in the school.

All schools have certain dress codes that students need to follow. If the school is selling uniforms, they can make all the clothes the right lengths and styles. Schools will be able to know instantly if the children’s clothes follow the dress code if the kids wear uniforms. If a school’s dress code states that children cannot wear shorts that are more than two inches above the knee, the school can have the uniforms sized that they will never be more than two inches over the knee. The same applies with shirts, pants, sweaters, etcetera. Some might argue that students will want to be able to wear hats and accessories for fun sometimes- I see no problem in this! Schools could have certain days that kids can wear regular clothes instead of uniforms. These days can be holidays, such as
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