Essay on The Benefits of Social Media

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Have you ever felt guilty for spending too much time on Facebook? Posting too many pictures on Instagram? Perhaps you find that others have an unhealthy addiction to “twit” details of their life on Twitter. There are those who believe that social networking sites are a waste of time. That they are a detriment to “real life” social relationships. But these platforms are more than just entertaining gateways. They have a deeper impact on our society than some are willing to admit. Just like everything in life, they have their pros and cons, but the benefits of social media far outweighs the later. Research show that social media does more good than bad for society, because it spreads information faster than any other media, sparks political …show more content…
For example, shocking news in the gaming world will spread like a wildfire in a gaming society. That kind of information is useful and significant to them, and the sharing of it is made easier and faster within their community. Keep in mind, not all those gamers read news constantly. Just like everyone else, the overflow of information is tiresome, and no one has time to monitor it all. But that specific information will be relevant to them. Social media is excellent platform to share, and it has shown to be true, and on a constant rise. The Pew Research Center report that gap between internet and television as a source for news is closing rapidly. The switch from the conventional news platform to the web is gaining momentum every year. From 2010, every news outlets saw a lower audiences, all but for the web (Rosenstiel & Mitchell, 2011) Media reporters are catching on to this, and are making use of this powerful tool. A national survey of reporters and editors publicized how they use social networks. A majority made their story research on blogs, social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (Kidwali & Imperatore, 2011). Social media are a great benefit to society, because the flow of information has evolved. Anyone with access to somethings as cheap as a cellular phone or even a computer is able to share information, and add knowledge to the streams of social networks. This concludes our argument as to why social media are a
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