The Benefits of Sports in Schools

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Because of this, district leaders are deciding whether they should eliminate or keep after school sports. So is after school sports all bad? No, because the amount of benefits outweighs the potential consequences, therefore I suggest that district leaders maintaining after school sports as usual. Also, some benefits of after sports are: reducing and depression, improve academic and occupational outcomes, or strengthen body and mind. One way that district leaders should keep after school sports was because it was proven to reduce anxiety and depression. For example, "girls who play sports are more comfortable taking leadership roles in group settings"(Engle p. 3). This states that after school sports can make girls "comfortable" or less nervous, which can reduce their anxiety. By participating in after school sports, "kids find can find a social milieu that can promote a spirit of social interaction"(Engle p. 2). This evidence demonstrates that these organizations of sports can create an atmosphere where kids can communicate, and build their characteristics, also this can decrease the depression that they have. There are handful of other ways that after school sports that could benefit students, but these two are major benefits in after school sports. Another way the district leader shouldn't eliminate after school…

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