The Benefits of Studying Marketing

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My interest in marketing stems from my enjoyment in the vast majority of business facets, marketing being the most captivating as it stimulates lateral thinking and creativity. Business management is the body and marketing is one of its aspects, it is one of the vital organs required to make it function adeptly. Marketing covers the four leading aspects of the consumer world: promoting, selling, researching and advertising, which are crucial in maintaining a good and well established market. The market is what reflects the national income of the country therefore its efficiency and value is something which affects everybody’s lifestyles. Without the world of marketing, it is hard to foresee how the economy would be effective. The power of marketing can manipulate a person’s view of a product or service and if a whole nation’s view cannot be moulded to buy goods, the economy will eventually reach an ultimate low.
The diversity of my A-Level courses has complimented my decisions to study marketing. Studying Applied Business is paramount to have given me the skills to be able to manage my time effectively. During my AS Applied Business, one of the topics I covered was meeting customer needs, which had intrigued me, as within this I had to explore different types of customers that businesses deal with and the various needs that customers have regarding the quality of products and after-sale services, as well as the way businesses differentiate their products by core, actual
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